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Welcome to Sustain Coffee, the online resource library and information sharing platform for the specialty coffee industry. If you’re here, it’s because you care deeply about the coffee industry and all of those involved—we do too, from farmer to barista. We know that having the right information is critical to improving our industry and those in it. We also know that there is a lot of information on how to make coffee better, but it can be difficult to find and use. Sustain Coffee exists to make it quicker and easier to find research, sustainability efforts, case studies, and tools and resources related to the coffee supply chain.

Our database is growing daily, and we hope to aid you in finding exactly what you need or to at least point you in the right direction. Whether you’re a scientific researcher, a café owner, a roaster, or an NGO, Sustain Coffee is here to be your first stop in the journey to best practices in the coffee industry.


The Founder

Sustain Coffee was founded and created by Will Garde. Will is a coffee geek and cares deeply about the coffee industry. He spent several years as a barista, some time as a roaster, and his masters education in researching how to treat coffee wastewater. Will is an environmental and water resources engineer in Houston and has had the opportunity to attend Re:co Symposium at the Specialty Coffee Association Conference as a Fellow on three occasions for his work on sustainability and leadership in water resource management.

Although Will likes to get technical, what he really loves is a great cup of coffee shared with friends and those close to him. Because of this, he has a personal mission to do all he can to improve the coffee industry. Realizing that the coffee industry faces some very real challenges—from climate change to environmental pollution and from labor shortages to shifting consumer tastes—Will created Sustain Coffee as a starting point for all those interested in advancing coffee and to help make the industry greater than it has ever been.

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