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Our Partners

The Chain Collaborative

The mission of The Chain Collaborative (TCC) is to invest in the capacity of Change Leaders in coffee growing regions and accompany them as they drive grassroots, sustainable development in their own communities, according to their own visions for change. Change Leaders are local leaders or groups of people who have the drive and vision to create change to benefit a large number of people in their community. Critical to the ability of local leaders to create change is an enabling environment and an equitable and responsive global coffee industry that recognizes, values, and accompanies the self-directed development of coffee communities.


TCC's Education Partnership Program was created to build this enabling environment, provide education about sustainability in the coffee sector, and promote social science research that advocates for and demonstrates the importance of building a different development and thriving coffee future. That's why TCC invests in and accompanies the mission of Sustain Coffee.


Through Sustain Coffee, TCC is able to highlight the importance of a shared understanding of the complexities of sustainability in the coffee value chain. As a Sustain Coffee partner, TCC is able to share and promote a theoretical and practical educational database about sustainability and community-led development in the coffee value chain, which works to influence the sector toward more sustainable outcomes, and more social, economic, and environmental justice. To learn more about TCC’s Education Partnership Program and sustainability classes, visit

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