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Mission and History 

Sustain Coffee exists to connect researchers, café owners, roaster, farmers, NGOs, and anyone else interested in the world of coffee with resources. The idea for Sustain Coffee began as I spent over a year researching for my master’s thesis in coffee wastewater. What I thought would be a few months of researching in scientific databases turned into a year of chasing down articles and realizing how difficult it is to find research on specific coffee concerns. During that same time, I attended SCA’s Re:co Symposium for the first time as a fellow and I found that my experience was not uncommon. I met other researchers and coffee professionals that were interested in acting to improve our industry. Unfortunately, what I realized is that we weren’t connected. A lot of different actors were working all around the coffee world, but their successes, results, and failures were hard to come by except in the occasional blog post or the perfect keyword search in Google. And hence, the idea for Sustain Coffee was born.

This is just the beginning—Sustain Coffee will continue to grow through connecting with actors in the coffee world and through contributions by readers. Slowly but surely, we can build a resource that will allow all of us to take part in creating a better coffee industry and preserving the drink we’ve come to love and the livelihoods of those that prepare it. 

-Will Garde, Founder 

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