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Will Garde, P.E. (Founder)

  • Will Garde

Will considers himself a coffee and engineering enthusiast. He currently lives in Houston, Texas where he works as a water resources and environmental engineer and has worked on almost every aspect of the water industry. He holds an M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Cincinnati where he conducted and published novel research on treating coffee fermentation wastewater, which landed him a Re:Co fellowship in 2016. He has been involved in the coffee industry since 2011 and his past coffee experiences include working on the CRS' Blue Harvest Water Benefits Calculator, consulting on coffee wastewater treatment lagoons, and launching a small coffee roasting project that funded a greenhouse in Tanzania. Will is passionate about developing monitoring and evaluation systems, applying engineering concepts to sustainability, protecting water resources, and promoting resource sharing in the coffee sector. He is the founder of Sustain Coffee, an online resource library for the specialty coffee industry. His favorite drink is a double espresso.

Nora Burkey

  • Nora Burkey

Nora holds a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development from the Graduate Institute at School for International Training, where she focused her studies on gender in development and food systems. For her Master’s thesis, she conducted research on women’s lending groups in Nicaragua, which intended to recognize the unpaid work of women in supply chains. After graduating, she founded The Chain Collaborative to focus on small community-led development projects with local leaders in coffee communities around the world. Recently, she spearheaded a Creator’s Group to author the new Coffee Sustainability Program for the Specialty Coffee Association. She has written for numerous coffee magazines and blogs and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing. She speaks English and Spanish.

Hillary Rodriguez

  • Hillary Rodriguez

Hillary is a coffee professional currently based in Seattle, Washington. She has worked at almost every link in the coffee supply chain, from sowing coffee seeds in a nursery to making drinks as a barista. She began her career in coffee production and roasting in 2011 working with small roasters in Austin, Texas. Later, she worked for Equal Exchange outside Boston, MA, where she focused on cupping and quality control, and she currently works in the Quality Control lab of importer Sucafina’s Seattle office. Her relationship with The Chain Collaborative began in 2017 as a volunteer with their partner Change Leaders in Nicaragua and Ecuador, where she did everything from training a coffee cupper, to analyzing soil samples, to helping process coffee. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in History, Religious Studies, and Government from the University of Texas at Austin. Her coffee drink of choice is a light roast brewed in a V60…usually at least two a day!

Sarah Brinkley

  • Sarah Brinkley

Sarah is a Ph.D. student at Texas A&M University’s Center for Coffee Research and Education. Her dissertation research, in Western Honduras, investigates interactions between environment and management on coffee quality using mass spectrometry and sensory evaluation techniques. This work is informed by Sarah's diverse background working internationally in both the coffee and wine industries coupled with a firm foundation in Master’s-level research in bioanalytical chemistry from Tennessee Technological University. By fusing her expertise in the lab and in the roastery, Sarah Brinkley is instrumental in connecting industry to academia. Sarah lives for quiet mornings drinking filter coffee.

Elisa Criscione

  • Elisa Criscione

Elisa holds a Master’s degree in Food Policy from the City University of London and a BSc in Food & Agriculture from the University of Gastronomic Sciences. In 2015, right after obtaining her bachelor's degree in Italy, she started working in sustainable development in Colombia, where she first entered in contact with coffee and started cultivating her interest in transnational supply chains. Moving back to Europe for her Master’s degree, she focused on understanding the complexity of different food value chains which led her curiosity into technology solutions for a fairer and more sustainable system. In 2019, after deepening her understanding in the concrete application of tech solutions in Ghana, she moved back to Italy to fully focus on coffee. Now, she has been supporting coffee companies interested in digitalizing their value chains and tech providers willing to improve their solutions.

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